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2017 年注定是全球细胞治疗领域里具有里程碑意义的一年,除了在非实体瘤领域的一系列临床捷报不断传来,细胞治疗对于实体瘤的治疗实验也正如火如荼的展开。我国的细胞治疗这两年也正在蓬勃发展,并且和国际先进水平齐头并进。细胞治疗作为目前最复杂的生物疗法,想要真正将其产业化造福广大患者,还有很多的工作需要完善。如何在细胞治疗的整个制备过程确保安全、有效、一致;什么样的生产工艺能够满足细胞治疗的 GMP 要求成为了摆在广大科研工作者、企业和监管机构面前的一个前所未有的难题。

2017 is a year of historical significance for Cell Therapy worldwide. Not only has it seen huge successes in leukemia and lymphoma patients, but much progress has been made in solid tumor treatment as well. China has also seen tremendous advance in cell therapy technology development and clinical trials. It has become one of the leading countries in this fast-growing industry. Cell therapy is the most complex biotherapeutics developed so far. It still requires tremendous technology development and industrialization to fully benefit patients at large. How to ensure safety, efficacy, and consistency during the complex manufacturing process has become a huge challenge for researchers, manufacturers, and regulatory agencies.

总局国际交流中心计划于 11 月 15 日在北京国宾酒店举办的「细胞治疗法规与技术研讨会」,本次研讨会预期将会有超过 150 位来自国内外的监管机构官员、行业内专家、院士及细胞治疗行业同仁参与此次研讨会,共同探讨细胞治疗行业内的热门话题包括国内法规进展、细胞制品质量控制标准、国内外细胞治疗监管思路分析,以及细胞治疗最新研究成果等热门议题进行讨论。组委会也非常期望获得您的关注和支持! 我们衷心邀请细胞治疗相关的领导和专家拨冗参加,与国内外的企业进行交流。期待您的回复!

China Center for Food and Drug International Exchange (CCPIE) will hold a Cell Therapy Regulatory & Technology Summit at The Presidential Hotel Beijing on November 15th of 2017. The summit expects to gather more than 150 officials and experts from China and International regulatory agencies, research and clinical institutions, and other relevant parties of the cell therapy industry. Participants will have in-depth discussion on many hot topics of the field, including regulation and guideline development, quality control and standards, and the latest progress in cell therapy technology. You are cordially invited to this much-anticipated event.


There's no registration charge for the summit, but all travel and living related expense should be burden by the participants.


Accommodation Recommendation:


单人间 CNY695/晚(含单早)

标准间 CNY790/晚(含双早)

The Paradise Hotel Beijing Single Room

CNY695/N(including one breakfast)

Double Room CNY790/N (including two breakfast)

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